ELGUETA ARQUITECTOS is a firm of architects of nearly two decades of existence, devoted primarily to the integral development of architectural projects, from the beginning up to the moment the works are finalized..

Our customers range from single-family housing particular promoter, the professional promoter which develops real estate professional and the professional who invests in a new business, public administration and other nongovernmental organizations that need to rely on professionals.

Our vast experience has led us to address projects of very different kinds: individual housing, group housing, industrial buildings, business centers, health centers, schools, theaters, sports centers, temples, Municipal Planning Schemes, partial plans, urban planning in general, rehabilitation of buildings, listed buildings or actions in protected areas, etc..

It should be noted our contribution to public administration, which has worked for over a decade, during which there have carried our works as Technical Inspection of Buildings, Ruin Records, Inspections, Reports of various kinds, etc..

In order to solve all kinds of projects we have a multidisciplinary team of consultants that supports us with Environment, Engineering, structural calculations, Archeology, Heritage, Topography and Cartography, Association Planners, Geo-technical studies Lab materials, insurance companies, surveyors, solicitors, I.T., computer consultants, and so on.

We can right now provide turnkey service to developers and governments who wish to have a full management service, project execution and work control.
Our firm also devotes its time to research and develop the use of new materials, but especially the use of simple materials, durable and economical, imaginatively arranged to give them their true importance. Always on the basis of a sustainable architecture and the use of environmentally friendly materials.

Our location in a small town has allowed us to have a window open to readily recognizable world and has enabled us to reach customers in the Community of Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha, basically.

This location allows us the tranquility and inspiration needed for the development of our work, which has already been recognized in some contests.
From here we invite you to take a stroll through our website and we take this opportunity to offer you our services, we guarantee that our services will be of your satisfaction.

Equipamiento para Polideportivo Municipal

Restauración de la Torre y Sacristía de la Iglesia de Santa María de Cogolludo

Restauración de la Torre y Sacristía de la Iglesia de Santa María de Cogolludo

20 viviendas unifamiliares

Edificio Social polivalente y Centro Cívico